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Dolopin 50 ml RollOn warming

Dolopin 50 ml RollOn warming

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Muscle & joint intense fluid

Contents: rosemary, cloves, peppermint, camphor, frankincense, menthol, devil's claw, gel, isopropanol, ethanol, glycerol.

Description: oily and fragrant liquid, absorbs very quickly into the skin. Especially for the care of the muscles, joints and tendons; Inflammation, sprains, bruises, cramps, migraines, tense cervical vertebrae; Broad-based anti-inflammatory and pain relief.

Application: rub the affected areas 2-3 times a day; there is a pleasant feeling of warmth; Recommendation: rub in before going to bed.

Special feature: the RollOn is ideal for small-area applications. Advantage: the palms of the hands do not come into contact with the ingredients.

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